David Meerman Scott, founder of the Newsjacking movement, teaches the art and science of injecting your ideas into a breaking news story.

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A New Way of Thinking Could Be
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  • My Master Newsjacking course is designed to make it easy and fun to learn the latest marketing strategies so you can grow your business.

  • Since 2005, I’ve been pioneering marketing and business growth strategies used worldwide. With 12 books published in 30 languages and nearly a million books sold workdwide, people have been applying my teachings to help grow businesses both large and small.

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Hi, I'm David.

In the past decade I've delivered 500+ presentations in dozens of countries and on all seven continents.

Organizations hire me to share how to tap the tremendous opportunities of today’s communications revolution to stand out, get noticed, spread ideas, win hearts and minds, drive sales, and grow business.

When I deliver a keynote speech to an international audience, I charge $25,000.

My online courses offer the same valuable information to grow business that I deliver to my live audiences but specifically designed for individualized online learning and at a tiny fraction of the cost. Over 1,000 people have taken my courses and many have achieved amazing results.

— David Meerman Scott

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